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Ryotei Kawabun

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Summer limited shaved ice is here. How about some shaved ice that you can only eat this summer at a traditional restaurant?

This shaved ice is made using ice from Goto Shoten, and has a light and fluffy texture that you can enjoy.
Why not cool off during the hot summer with some luxurious shaved ice that can only be enjoyed at Ryotei Kawabun?
We do not accept reservations, so please come directly.

July 8th(Mon), 9th(Tue), 10th(Wed), 12th(Fri)
15th(Mon), 16th(Tue), 18th(Thu), 19th(Fri)
22nd(Mon), 23rd(Tue), 24th(Wed), 25th(Thu)
30th(Tue), 31st(Wed)

August 1st(Thu), 2nd(Fri), 5th(Mon), 6th(Tue), 7th(Wed), 8th(Thu)

11:00-15:00 (last orders 14:30)

Ryotei Kawabun

Summer strawberry x Hokkaido cream cheese 1,400 yen
Nishio Matcha x Hokkaido Azuki 1,600 yen
Ripe mango x coconut 2,200 yen

*All prices are exclusive of tax and service charge.
* Clay members discount applies.

[Summer strawberries x cream cheese]
We use a generous amount of domestically grown summer strawberries to create a rich homemade summer strawberry sauce and top it off with a generous amount of smooth Hokkaido cream cheese espuma.
You can also enjoy the change in texture with the crunchy rice crackers.

[Nishio Matcha x Hokkaido Azuki Beans]
It has the bitter taste of matcha, brown sugar walnuts and lemon peel inside, and is topped with a generous amount of espuma made from condensed milk.
Enjoy it with chewy rice flour dumplings and mildly sweet Hokkaido azuki beans.
This is a dish that can only be found at a traditional Japanese restaurant, where you can fully experience Japanese cuisine.

[Ripe mango x coconut]
The ripe mango that melts in your mouth and the mango sauce go perfectly with the coconut espuma.
Contains refreshing orange comfy.
The sourness of the finishing passion fruit sauce balances the sweetness, so you can enjoy it all the way to the end without getting bored.