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2021 Setsubun Festival-Fun and ridiculous with Setsubun ghost hair-

An exorcism event in Japanese traditional culture “Setsubun Obake”
節分祭 ー河文&キッズハート スペシャルバージョンー


今年はコロナ禍での開催となり、例年MCを務められた 佐野俊輔さん率いる kids heartプロモーションの皆様の主催で行われることとなりました。
As usual, we plan to help the event with the same production, performances, and ingenuity in the event.
主催:kids heartプロモーション


日取り  2021年2月2日(火)、2月3日(水)    
Time 17:00 Reception 18:00 Start Scheduled to end around 19:30
There will be 2 stages with breaks
Miyo ¥ 10,000
・ 1 drink included (including alcohol)
· Contact Sat. production
・ Event admission fee
- tax Fri. and service charge are included the
Those who can dress and wear hair together are welcome.
定員   両日とも30名様までとさせていただきます

* Meals will be served in order from customers who have already accepted. After the performance starts, please enjoy it with your meal.
* Please order one drink from the drink counter. We also accept additions.
* There is no guide to private rooms, but all customers will be guided to the hall and temporary venue, and will be guided in a shared seat with an acrylic board.
* Semi-outdoor seats are available for ventilation and production. Please keep warm and go out.

-The origin of Setsubun hair-

"Setsubun Oka" is an event to disguise the demon by dressing up on Setsubun Day
In the lunar calendar, Setsubun is the end of the year, and it is considered a day for the demon to come. There was a challenging ceremony and beans sowing in the sense of driving off demons. As a part of this, this ghost, dressed as a costume and driving away demons, is a fun festival that was widely held in the private sector, mainly in Kyoto, from the Edo period to the early Showa era.

After that, it declined rapidly after the world war 2, and now it has only been left in Kyoto Gion and Osaka Kitashinchi etc.
This is a special day where grandmothers are dressed in kimono, men are dressed up, and women are dressed up in dresses that transcend their status and attributes. It was thought that the pilgrimage to all four temples and shrines in that disguise would reduce the trouble of one year. It's a fun event close to the Italian Carnival and American Halloween.