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Ryotei Kawabun

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[August only] How about having afternoon tea in a yukata? Kawabun 's waitresses will help you put on your yukata. This is a seasonal event with more opportunities to wear yukata, such as fireworks festivals.

■ Date
August 1st(Thu), 7th(Wed), 8th(Thu), 15th(Thu), 21st(Wed), 28th(Wed)

■ Time
We will guide you in a two-part system.
【Part 1】
Dressing: 10:00~
Afternoon tea 11:00-12:15 (last order) 12:30 Maximum 10 people
Changing clothes from 1:00 PM

[Part 2]
Dressing: 12:00~
13:00-14:15 (Last order) until 14:30 - Up to 10 people
Changing clothes from 3 PM onwards

* Even if you arrive late, it will end at the above time. Please understand.

■ Prices
Afternoon tea and yukata rental (approximately 2 hours) ¥7,000 (¥7,700 including tax)

■ Content
Afternoon tea set + discerning tea set
(You can enjoy iced coffee, Japanese black tea, thin coffee, etc.)
We will help you put on a medium size yukata.

・Soy milk panna cotta ・Fruit anmitsu
・Butter andorayaki・Japanese Sake lees cheesecake・Peach・Bite-sized yokan (raspberry)・Brown sugar warabimochi・Amber sugar
・Ikura sushi・Kudzu tofu・Crab yuba Tosa soy sauce・Konbu pickles・Cucumber pickles
・ Wed. steamed bun
・Matcha affogato

※ Because we use seasonal ingredients, menu contents are subject to change without prior notice.
Three mitarashi dumplings using the soup stock of "Tebiyamaya." are included per person.

Reservation from here

We will lend you Kawabun's yukata in a size M.
*If you would like help with dressing, please bring two towels for fitting.