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Souvenirs at Ryotei Kawabun

We offer a wide variety of items, including whitebait simmered in sansho, Simmered Konbu in Sweetened soy sauce, eel simmered in sansho, duck in soy sauce, salt-steamed abalone, assorted tea, and special sake.
All make gifts of distinction fit for distinguished recipients, whether on festive occasions or solemn ones.

Assortment of 3 types of tea

We have prepared an assortment of 3 types of tea as a Kawabun select gift.

Sake lees cheese cake

A special cheesecake that uses plenty of sake lees from the original sake "Kawabun". You can enjoy a richer taste by applying "Chajamachi honey" that can be harvested in "Chojamachi" in the center of Nagoya.


An assortment of 3,300 to 16,200 yen including simmered whitebait, kelp, boiled eel with sansho pepper, duck with soy sauce, and salt-steamed abalone. Kawabun 's proud souvenirs that goes well with Japanese sake and rice. Please use it as a gift for important people regardless of auspicious occasions or mourning occasions.


Among our gifts of distinction fit for distinguished recipients, one option is our specially-made sake (rice wine) bearing the name of the Ryotei. We offer it in three grades: Red Label, White Label, and the premium Black Label. You can choose between a 720-ml bottle for full enjoyment and a 300-ml mini-bottle for tasting.

Assortment of 3 classic by Tebiyamaya [for gifts]

TEBIYAMA is a method of roasting during the manufacturing process of dried fish.The time-consuming dried fish made of TEBIYAMA is said to have exceptionally good aroma and taste,In the past, KAWABUN has been serving entertained guests with dashi at TEBIYAMA. Please enjoy real dashi soup of natural dried fish.

Dining Certificates

We will issue one meal ticket for two Kaiseki guests.
If you wish to purchase, please make a reservation by phone in advance and pick it up at the store.
Please note that we only accept cash payment.