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Kawachiya (Kappo)

Enjoy the taste of a Japanese restaurant in a luxurious space

This is a space where you can enjoy a luxurious meal while looking right in front of the chef.


We use luxurious seasonal ingredients to prepare hotpot kaiseki dishes that incorporate plenty of seasonal seafood and mountain delicacies.
At lunch time, you can casually enjoy the luxurious cuisine and some over-the-counter conversations with the cook.


We offer omakase hotpot kaiseki dishes that make use of seasonal ingredients.
You can enjoy the real pleasure of unique conversation with counseling and talking with the chef.

On(Fri)February 23, 2024, you can also enjoy a talk with [Meikoren] Mr. Momotaro.


We offer a wide variety of items, such as assortments of young sardines (shirasu) braised with sansho pepper, Heavenly Kelp, eel braised with sansho pepper, crossbred duck in soy sauce, and abalone steamed with salt. There are also seasonal baked goods, as well as special sake (rice wine). All make gifts of distinction fit for distinguished recipients, whether on festive occasions or solemn ones.

Hours of Operation


Lunch: Starts at 12:00
Evening starts at 18:00

Dress code

There is no established dress code. Please dress as you normally would for the occasion.

Please refrain from coming to our shop with shorts, sandals, and athletic shoes.

waiting room

We do not have a waiting area, so please arrive on time.

For use by children who are not yet in school

Please refrain from allowing preschool children to use the counter during night hours.

Please note that we do not have child chairs available.


Aichi prefecture Nagoya city Naka-ku Marunouchi 2 - chome 12-19 Kawanema

(Excluding Tuesdays 10:00-19:00)

  • Hours of operation, menus, and prices may vary with the season.