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"Japanese cuisine" of Ryotei Kawabun

In Kawabun, there are multiple private rooms, a tea house, and a counter space where you can casually enjoy the cuisine of the Ryotei while watching the cook work wonders before your eyes.
Our meticulous care will you make comfortable and feel relax, while enjoying our seasonal dishes.​ ​

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Private Rooms

Cooking, hanging scrolls, flowers, vessels, arts, and fine attention. A space where Japanese culture was condensed is hospitality at the restaurant.
A distillation of Japanese culture awaits you in the setting and the hospitality you’ll find at our Ryotei. Relax to your heart’s content in a chic Japanese atmosphere that’s always in harmony with the seasons.

Kawachiya (Kappo)

A counter where you can casually enjoy the luxurious cuisine of the Ryotei while watching the cook work wonders before your eyes.
Please enjoy the reserved space for groups of 6 to 11 people.

Tea House

Our teahouse looks out on two enclosed gardens created by the late Matsuo Sogo (Fusensai), head of the Matsuo-ryu school of Japanese tea ceremony.​ ​
In the garden, there are short hats of a hexagonal lantern with a presence of a rod, 蹲踞 (Tsukubai) reminiscent of tea's practice, Katsuyama water using Nachi black,
There is a well with an anecdotal unique ancient Kawanba, and you can see a moist and beautiful scenery.
Luxuriant greenery of ubame oak and winter-hazel, beloved of tea masters, highlights the scene.
The result is truly a space out of time.